Hi! And welcome to the Keep Pushing website!


Founded by skater and artist Rae Smith (@lookslikerae) in 2018, Keep Pushing combines media, workshops and events to form a community of skateboarders who support and inspire eachother regardless of age, gender, race, sexuality, ability or anything else.Rae herself is an intersex woman who has been prominant in both the girl skate scene and queer skate scene – running workshops, making zines and artwork and teaching lessons around the world with brands and charities despite only having skate for 3 and a half years herself.


In 2019, Rae teamed up with another artist and skater Lizzie Heath (@starbuttonsparks) and filmographer (and skater!) Ross Bennett (@rwbizzle) to bring interviews, podcast shows, YouTube clips, tutorials, web content, beginner skate sessions, girl and LGBTQIA events, mixxed events and more. All created by skaters, for skaters, with just one goal.

To keep people pushing! Pushing boundaries, pushing limits and literally pushing themselves along on their boards. If you’re a woodpusher or an aspiring woodpusher, then you’ve come to the right place.


The aim of the podcast and YouTube is to explore the skateboarding scene without prejudice. We support artists, creators and makers in the skate scene and promote what they do as well as giving people an opportunity to find out more about them. The workshops provide beginners with a way to connect and form friendships whilst learning the skills that will empower them to get out there and skate in the parks and the streets!

It’s jut a fun way to bring everyone together in the skate community and be stoked on each other and what everyone’s doing!


If you’d like to keep up to date with our events, media content and everything else then you can join the mailing list and follow our Instagram @keeppushingpodcast. And if you’d like to work with us or collaborate with us then please feel free to shoot us an email at keeppushingteam@gmail.com.

Much love!

The Keep Pushing Team





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