Let’s Push Things Forward…


Welcome to Keep Pushing! We’re a UK based media and events company focussed on skateboarding and run by women.

We host events like beginner skate sessions and produce media including a podcast and youtube channel. Our goal is to create more diversity within skateboarding and to get you out there shredding no matter your age, gender, race, sexuality, ability, disability or anything else.

Check out our interviews with people like Brash Skate and Create, SkatePal and Jeremy Jones – our calendar of upcoming events, skateboarding tutorials, featured skate spots and articles about skateboarding – and don’t forget to visit the YouTube channel or listen to the podcast on Podbean.

We believe we can achieve awesome things if we all work together and most importantly if we just KEEP PUSHING 😀

So sign up to the mailing list to get involved and keep updated, follow us on Instagram @keeppushingpodcast and if you’d like to support what we’re doing then visit our online store or click the donate button to send us some cash money love!

Peace And Pushes!

The Keep Pushing Team

Featured post

newsletter Vicky P 5newsletter Vicky P 2

newsletter Vicky P 1.png

Photographs from our Adult Beginners Skate Session at Victoria park skatepark!


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